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The Northen Inuit breed


About the Northern Inuit Breed


The Northern Inuit resembles a wolf in appearance and has wolfish qualities.

The Northern Inuit is faithful, friendly and placid. They are  rarely  aggressive or showing any guarding tendencies, and will  usually submit when challenged.

They are NOT a Guard Dog but the size and look of them will frighten intruders.

They mix well with other pets, and because of their friendly personalities they love the companionship of other dogs and very rarely argue.

They are a loyal companion they  make great family members and like to be included in everything the family does.

They love children and are happy to play games for hours.This Breed loves to play but stimulative play is the best.

They do not like being left alone for long, and if are can be destructive if left alone for hours unsupervised.  Northern Inuit's are better having another dog around for company, but the companion dog must be able to to put up with the boisterous rough and tumble play of the Northern Inuit.

Northern Inuit's love to learn, they need early socialization, as they can be a bit stubborn.

Providing the owner is prepared to spend time socializing and training them they can be safely let off lead. They can be obedience trained with lots of praise and encouragement and they become very good at it.  You will be rewarded a thousandfold with lots of love and affection from your Northern Inuit dog.